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expiry [ Sun Jun 26th, 2011/ 4:09pm ]
this blog is expired.

probably not gonna blog here anymore. might lock it or just erase it.
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"if you didn't write it down, it didn't happen." [ Sun Jan 9th, 2011/ 1:24am ]

we went to gardens today for lunch, and so much has changed. it used to be full of old coffeeshops with good food and familiar faces, now its full of banks and atas restaurants. it made me sad, thinking that i’ve lost a physical part of my childhood. and it made me fearful, of losing memories of things that used to be but now are not.

ever since taking Social Memory and getting my camera, i feel increasingly paranoid about memories - the ones i want to remember and am afraid i’ll forget, and the ones i know i might not want to remember but i can never let go of. is this just me, and my paranoia about forgetting?

anyway, on a somewhat related note (or not), i was kicking myself for not bringing my camera last night, when i was enjoying the Bubblegum Years @ Esplanade waterfront, listening to an old friend crooning out teenage angst-ridden songs with her smooth jazzy voice and her talented bandmates. the best thing was that it was with the backdrop of the ocean and we sat right in the front that it seemed almost surreal. what a way to end the last holiday of my academic life. 
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[ Mon Nov 29th, 2010/ 12:30am ]

this blog feels...expired. i feel expired. 

i was reading ceriph on the bus today and feeling so hungry, suddenly, for words. that sudden rush of adrenaline and emotion when you read a poem and that desire to connect through its rhymes and yet at the same time i was struck by an acute sadness, knowing that i can never fully and completely understand its depth or intent. 

one more paper to go. 
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simple joys, [ Sun Aug 1st, 2010/ 3:39pm ]
i think i haven't been giving thanks enough.

1. the weather today is calling out for more naps and lulls - i shall oblige. (: 
2. yesterday's sports event was fun, especially the numerous bball games and feeling like i got a good workout.
3. also nice to hang out with ly, jan, esther, estee and other sisters - singing/humming/lip-syncing to glee. 
4. catching up with people who are dear to me over the week. lunches, tea times, random conversations in church. 
5. i enjoyed morning worship today despite being/feeling very sleepy. was encouraged. 
6. meeting up with crusade people - especially shufen, lindy and kristal (: 
7. stuff that randomly pop up and cause a chain reaction and floods of thoughts in my head. (heh, i need to start re-using my brain!) 
8. stumbling upon good music. (soothes the soul) 

many more, but these are most i can think of. :) 
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